Writing a proposal for a new position at work

Sample job proposal for a management position

She will work with you on special online events, like "Bring a Friend Wednesdays," to increase store traffic during slow hours. Creating meeting agendas. Develop a plan to close the gap or fill the need. Your goal should be to convince your boss that the proposed role is a necessity for the business. Benefits should be quantified based on research, projections, and models. If it were easy, it would be common for people to create their own job. Describe the Ideal Candidate: You Use your own experience, skills and education to describe the ideal person for the new job. Why are you uniquely suited to succeed?

Include an appendix if you are providing historical sales or customer service data, or detailed financial projections. Social Media Example An expert at social media engagement, Sarah Perkins is the social media manager of two local businesses in your building. Think about how your personal strengths can help the employer meet their challenges and achieve their business goals.

Now that you have proven the need for the position, show how your expertise, experience, and education make you the prime candidate for such a role.

Show that you have a clear understanding of what the company needs and you are more than capable of helping them achieve their goal.

proposal for new position sample

Clearly Define the Need When you are making a proposal to your boss for a new position, you must first clarify why this position is necessary. Sell sandwiches from side counter from to p. Connect with your network to find examples of companies with similar positions and the success or lack of success of such a position and structure.

Without padding the description, include skills, competencies, abilities, education, training and certifications that you have.

creating a new position within a company sample

The new position might solve a problem, such as eliminating production or delivery bottlenecks. Track all sales and ingredients used. Explain how you would perform the job and list the essential duties.

job proposal letter to employer

Use bold text in the title, subheadings, and bullet points to make it easy for your boss to quickly review the important points in your pitch.

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How to Write a Proposal for Employment