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So, Knowledge of structure and presentation are necessary qualities to be possessed by a reporter.

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Your goal should be to get as many shares as possible based on your headline. Special qualities of a Reporter Every reporter is supposed to have qualities. In that case, you have two options.

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Maybe suggest they join a course on the subject that your SlideShare is about. Sometimes they may lose their public relations, audience and news source. The embedded presentation is what will get you lots of views. They should not forget their goal of being the successful reporter. In fact, some brands are excellent content marketers without a blog. It offers searchable discovery. My readers care about revenue, traffic, conversions, social media shares, etc. This is a bit harder. They must be quick in writing down the facts. Get Facebook Ads Training—Online!

Sub-point: Voice The Voice sub-point slide is image-intensive. The seven main points are coherent and focused.

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And to do this, you need to answer one major question: What do your readers care about but are uncertain about? The advantage for you is targeted and relevant traffic.

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11 Types of Headlines That Pique Reader Interest