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We'll also include models that you've requested — if a lot of members want it, we'll test it. Are there lots of seams that will make it hard to keep clean? That means you can at least see it before you buy it and see if you're happy with it.

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This will let us see how the washer handles a harder-to-balance load, as well as how much noisier it is with metal bits from the jeans and the buttons on the shirts. Can it be remotely started or show wash status on your smartphone? Are there beeps and other audio feedback that are jarring or annoying? Are there dedicated dispensers for bleach or special oxidizing cleaning agents, and if so, do they actually dispense intelligently or just mix everything together with the detergent? On top of this, many of our testers sit on Standards committees — both national and international. Whatever our experience may be some 50 years' of testing , it's ultimately what you want that guides how we test. We check current market figures to see what's selling well. So we keep up to date with how labs and manufacturers are changing the standards, and to give you a voice in this forum, where sometimes only government and industry are represented. We'll also include models that you've requested — if a lot of members want it, we'll test it. This is because manufacturers try to get as good an energy and water label as possible — the more stars they have, the better the chance you'll buy their product. Is that steam-washing mode really any good at getting stubborn stains out? We use set loads of cotton materials that are used in the international testing method that are made up of bed sheets, small towels and pillow cases. Unfortunately, often this means the program the manufacturer selects is not what consumers will choose at home. Do the doors and controls feel solid and substantial, or were corners cut for expense or weight? In addition, we use swatches of cloth that are embedded with a specific amount of dirt, fray swatches that are identical and detergent that is made up of a very specific formula.

How do we choose which washing machines to test? Established brands and newer brands on the market are always looking for the balance to get the better star rating, because of how the stars perform at the checkout.

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Higher-end models can include preset wash mode storage, timed wash cycles, and other niceties, but they can sometimes be confusing or downright difficult to use.

We'll ask what you put in your washing machine, what programs you run, what features you think you need, and what's on your wishlist. There are several reasons, but our priority is to test what you'll see in the retailers.

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How We Test Washing Machines