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We are a member of an International Bank Note Society since The new series will include the rest of the banknotes gradually. A prefix of "M" designates military issues often occupation issues, or military scrip ; these have been moved to the "Specialized" catalog. The first ones released will be and 5.

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See details of the new note in my blog. Need a catalogue for identifying paper money?

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If a number needs to be inserted between two numbers, then in some cases, the section is renumbered—which creates confusion, and some collectors will annotate this with the previous number in parentheses. Et - edge tears. St - stains. The back of the note will feature imagery depicting Alan Turing and his work.

Even if there are a standard paper money grading rules, grading might still differ from one person to another.

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Click here to buy the latest catalogues. Nt - No tears. See detail of the new note in my blog. Nh - No holes. See pictures of the note in my blog. Albania July 5, - The Bank of Albania will release into circulation a new series of banknotes in the fall of this year. A prefix of "R" is used for certain regional notes, which have also been moved to the "Specialized" catalog. You can be assured that you are dealing with an honest person. A suffix of "p" is used for "proof" notes. A prefix of "S" is used to represent "Specialized" issues which are cataloged separately often, though inconsistently, private banks, regional issues, emergency issues, local notes, etc. Thousands of actual and original scans of bank notes are available in our world paper money price list. Modern banknotes are very attractive and colorful, especially in uncirculated conditions favored by collectors. Wst - weak stains.

Once you are not sure about a grading of a certain note splease ask us for a detailed description of a note notes to make sure you will receive exactly what your grading expectations are.

Sh - staple holes. Pch - punchhole.

World paper money

This site features over notes from countries. Click here to read more about grading of paper money. Pa, Pb, Pc, etc. Rs - rust spots. Nh - No holes. But in other cases, the entries are not renumbered, and then the format is to use a suffix capital letter e. Thousands of actual and original scans of bank notes are available in our world paper money price list. Ph - pinholes.

Cnk - chunk.

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