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I have told it. Arthur goes in the black slimey goo of the marshlands.

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His story will explain why. Jannet appears as a hidden figure in the photos of the Drablows Alisa Khazanovawith Nathaniel as the child in the photographs.

Needs to come with a seat warning for tall people. The proper telling of the story depends upon narrative suppression. Needed occasional music maybe Sorry would not recommend except for school groups Claire Verified purchase 7 Apr Thoroughly enjoyed the haunting performance.

In Hill's frame narrative, the much older Arthur listens to his step-children telling absurd ghost stories round the fire.

Woman in black thought

He doesn't see her, but he feels something so he looks around. Arthur travels by train.

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Of course the locals are fearful of the place and yet highly reluctant to talk of their fears. Eventually he gets to his answer. Victoria dies in his arms. The late Drablow was an elderly and reclusive widow who lived alone in the desolate and secluded Eel Marsh House. Arthur the narrator knows this, but his younger self does not. Some days afterwards, the two friends receive Joseph with his nurse at the train station. Suddenly, a female scream is heard - presumably of the person who has discovered the dead bodies of the three little girls. The feeling of something terrible about to happen is omminous The cast were superb and the staging beautifully simple and effective. The town is dark, and everybody looks terrified, sullen. The set on view as we sat down was spooky and as the story unfolded revealed secrets and areas invisible at the start. Any attempts by Kipps to find out the truth causes pained and fearful reactions. Took my son this time

His boss, Mr The core story the film takes some liberties with other details and completely refashions the ending follows young solicitor Arthur Kipps as he travels to the remote Eel Marsh House to sift through the documents of late client Alice Drablow.

I'm sure the show will run for a lot longer than I ever could! Arthur thought that he had heard the faraway cries of children, and the driver tells him that some boys died drowned in the marshes.

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The actors are excellent and bring it to life.

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The Woman in Black by Susan Hill