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Accountability, reintegration and promoting action plans and inclusive peace processes were key. Almost always, I get the same reaction.

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Opening Remarks BAN KI-MOON, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said last year was among the worst ever for children in areas affected by conflict, with an estimated million children living in countries and areas where armed groups were fighting. All perpetrators of violence and abuse against children in armed conflict must know that the international system would not give them any space. It could take 20 years with some civilian companies to build up that much time off. Calling on States to facilitate access for the United Nations and specialized child protection actors to armed groups, she called on the United Nations to redouble efforts to engage with armed groups to agree to and implement action plans. I started something in good faith and he is running scared, but I'm sticking to my guns. He thinks they need to be forced to do "good" deeds like charity work or to work for the NHS, emergency services or the military. The majority of the 23 action plans signed to date to agree to end child recruitment were by armed groups, she said. It was also necessary to uphold the provisions of successive Council resolutions on the subject, she said, calling for greater efforts to prevent military use of schools. Many extremist groups had committed horrendous crimes against them, forcing them to work as combatants, suicide bombers or sexual slaves. As a mother of a six-year-old son, I find it unbelievable that a representative of our government could discriminate against such a large percentage of our population, with this one-size-fits-all approach. He supported the range of initiatives to end child abuse in conflict and called for more to be done to address abuses by non-State armed groups as well as to allow access to education and other services during periods of conflict.

States should facilitate United Nations access to those groups and inform them of their obligations. Children were often targeted for recruitment or for mass abductions, which were fast being used as weapons to subjugate and humiliate entire communities, she said, urging the Council to use all tools at its disposal to protect children affected by armed conflict.

He pledged that his Government would expend great effort to re-integrate children liberated from them, noting the great challenge presented by the increase in orphans and the situation of Yazidi and other children who had been forced to convert and were otherwise alienated from their communities.

When they were charged, it was often in military courts, which did not consider their status as minors.

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In that light, he hoped to see national security forces delisted by Signing documents with non-State armed groups could easily lead to exploitation of the issue, however, and encourage groups to use those documents as propaganda to claim legitimacy. In any event, there are plenty of good reasons to join the military. In Uganda in , the National Resistance Army had an estimated 3, children, many under 16, including girls, most of whom had been orphaned and who looked on the Army as a replacement for their parents. Whether or not you plan on signing up for one of the combat-related jobs, you will be signing away at least three years of your life. What happens to pregnant mothers, also not exempt, or to children, if both young parents have to serve at the same time, or to those of single parents? Ehab al-Hurriaya, right, walks through a informal refugee camp on the outskirts of the Lebanese town of Arsal, near the Lebanon-Syria border. The world needed to send the message that children should be sent to playgrounds and not to battlegrounds and that they had infinite values as human beings and not human shields. In these circumstances, children can be expected to join up. Still others joined on their own, out of desperation, and instilled with the wrong ideology of the non-State armed groups. Many extremist groups had committed horrendous crimes against them, forcing them to work as combatants, suicide bombers or sexual slaves. However, interactions between the United Nations and non-State armed groups should conform to the principle that States bore primary responsibility for protecting their civilians, including children, during armed conflict.

A multidimensional approach was needed, beginning with understanding the root causes of conflict. Schools and hospitals were not spared. However, those were only a drop in the ocean, as only 12 of 51 annexed armed groups had signed action plans to date. Noting that Argentina was party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocol, she said child protection must be taken into account in the mandates of peacekeeping and special political missions.

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In Syria, a generation of children faced deprivation, displacement, violence, malnutrition and disrupted education. He called on conflict parties to refrain from using schools as bases, barracks, weapons caches and detention centres.

More efforts should be taken regarding transitional justice measures in order to bring perpetrators to justice.

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You absolutely do not want to have a job that gives you any kind of vacation time! In the Central African Republic, thousands of children had been taken into their ranks. Associating with the African Union, he said child protection was a core human rights issue and holding perpetrators to account was a State obligation. Rather, such interactions should be conducted in consultation with concerned Governments, who bore the primary responsibility for protecting their civilians. When they were charged, it was often in military courts, which did not consider their status as minors. In the Philippines, which has suffered for decades from a war of insurgency, many children have become soldiers as soon as they enter their teens. Those who joined thinking that the military was a place to cash in upon leaving the service might actually fit that category. Children play among the white tents and basic concrete structures in dusty, informal refugee camps on the outskirts of the town. In closing, he underlined that enhanced socioeconomic well-being of children was their best protection, and he called for their needs to be central in the post development agenda. I never brag about it, but, to be honest, it always feels good to hear. They needed immediate support. Friends for Life Spending every day for an entire year with the same guys can be stressful.
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Some Syrians are risking military service to return home