Why i chose cosmetology

People keep telling me I'm giving up on my dream and quitting. When I was a little girl my mom always used to buy me doll heads; to practice on their hair.

But I was helping people and it was physically making my happy and making my heart feel fulfilled.

Why i want to be a hairdresser essay

I always looked forward to going to that class and that was always the class where my best friends were. But I was wrong. A person would assume that a career in cosmetology would be only natural, right? I always practiced braiding; rolling curling; twisting; and combing the hair out. I do not think I will have kids yet because that is early in my life, but I do plan to have kids eventually. You also get a chance of polishing your skills when you are asked to style the hair of celebrities or models. A dream I'm just as excited about. You know who brought the guest, that way, if somebody sings that night, and they are a guest, it is right on the back of their ticket It will teach me everything style. This have been my dreams since I was a little.

I was the cause of several pixie cuts for my friends because I got a little wild with a round brush before we all learned our lesson.

Unfortunately, it took me a solid 10 years to figure that out.

Cosmetology personal statement

I want to look back and say all my dream came true. I loved the way makeup can transform you to be anyone you want to be. Assisting other people to look good is fun and fulfilling. Furthermore, cosmetologists must understand fractions and percentages when using equipment and when mixing coloring products I have big dreams for my self. This means that there will be new positions available. A dream I'm just as excited about. What not to do with real hair.

I will like to own a total of two. When im not on the road I can be working in one of my salons. Im going to take my dream far. She so successful. Performing isn't the only thing I love in life. Not to crazy but different that someone could wear to work or school. She made my hair grow so much.

You also get a chance of polishing your skills when you are asked to style the hair of celebrities or models. If you enjoy working with your hands and regard yourself a social person, a career as a cosmetologist may be right for you.

why i chose cosmetology papers
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Why I Chose Cosmetology School Over Performing