Technical education to meet global challenges

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Proposed strategies include enhancing management to improve insti- tutional efficiency and effectiveness in resource utilization, making greater efforts to increase state allocations, granting universities more autonomy for revenue generation, and adopting cost-sharing and cost- recovery policies—such as raising tuition fees, coupled with student loans and scholarship programs.

Two OECD projects, AHELO and a study into the role of higher education in cities and regions, are attempting to shed light on things other than research that universities do.

Access is also a central issue. Professional education often links well to employment in many countries, but education in the arts and sciences is less well articu- lated.

Nonetheless, the distinctiveness of the expe- rience of different countries should, in fact, be used to understand the challenges and the problems in depth and to deliberate together on solutions.

Individuals can only reach their full potential capability if they are equipped by education to do so.

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The vernacular languages have been intro- duced as the media of instruction. Government nominees sat on the all-important bodies—such as the Senate, the Executive Coun- cil, the Academic Council, and committees for the selection of faculty and administrative staff.

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Sorhaindo, and C. For instance, when classes were small, teachers were able to encourage questions and stimulate interaction, in spite of teaching by the lecture method, extensively used in the country.

Much other evidence, including from powerful citizen-led assessments in India, Pakistan, and East Africa, has highlighted this learning crisis. The Global Partnership for Education is too much a financing mechanism and too focused on basic education to perform this role.

Access and Equity The fast-growing market economy, the rapid development of science and technology, and rising individual income levels and living stan- dards have stimulated the ever-increasing demand for higher educa- tion opportunities. Demands for access come into conflict with another of the flashpoints of controversy of the present era—funding.

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Technical Education to Meet Global Challenge Article