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They have the interests in the activities of an organization and can be divided into internal and external stakeholders.

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Below is a Stakeholder Analysis of each of the two possible decisions. Effective Market analysis would help the business identify changes in the external environment and alter strategy to suit.

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Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholders Schedule HNH, Myer and 19 other retailers have united forces and campaigned to the Government to change the taxation law Apostolou The online purchases have reached 5.

Thus, the investment in the shares of Harvey Limited is certainly profitable and reliable as the share performance is sustainable and increasing inappropriate growth rate in the market. An interesting point is that the gross sales margin has remained relatively flat throughout the period, which says that reduced returns cannot be significantly attributed to reduced margins.

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Sales dropped 8. Look for new market opportunities The current market segment already has fierce competition.

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The analysis states that the debt to equity of the Harvey Norman is valued 0. OFR or office of financial research evaluates that the company is increasing its financial positioning with an assessment of every risk to enhance shareholders support and satisfaction in the company HarveynormanHolding. By applying sound strategic principles outlined in this report, lessons from past failures and achievements and staying true to their company vision and values, HNH will be positioned to return to the financial success of the past. As identified above, the rivalry amongst competitors is high, with many looking to online sales to give them the edge. It has been stated that the Board members of the company monitors and measures the environmental obligations that might become issues for making a prominent growth and development of the company in the international marketplace. In current economic scenario retail market is getting highly competitive there by giving customers both choice of substitutes and alternatives. Develop required technological competencies With the market trending towards online sales HNH needs to move with the times. It has been stated that the company has estimated more appropriate and significant growth and development in the marketplace. By developing their online business they will be able to successfully compete with industry rivals. In southwestern Pennsylvania there have been cases of animal birth defects Development of a phone application would further drive this. Stakeholder- a person, group of organizations that has interest or affect the organization or with reasonable interest to a given situation or enterprise Stakeholder Analysis- tools to identify the needs and concern of various stakeholders.

Business should look for feedback from both internal sources and external sources and not just rely on the opinions of the senior management team Thompson et al It has relevant policies of complying with different problems being faced by the company Berman,

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