Should public examinations in malaysia be abolished essay

To them, tests are a source of endless worries, anxiety and stress. Instead of rushing for last-minute studies, students can take their own sweet time to do assignments.

Thank you. Firstly, I believe that wearing a uniform gives the student a sense of responsibility that they have to keep to, to look smart and represent the rest of the school.

persuasive essay on exams

In a research done, teachers are the people who are taking all the stress during the examination period. The uneasy question is, would there be quality teaching and learning in schools if most of the major examinations were scrapped? The idea of abolishing PMR came due to criticism that the education system in Malaysia is too exam-oriented.

The first reason is that examinations help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in studying. How will the students succeed in life if they do not study? Although many people say that public examination should not be abolished, there are many reason such as burden to the government, teacher, parents, and children for public examination to be abolished.

In conclusion, public examinations bring many negative impacts to our current life. For example, examination results are the main criteria when selecting students for entrance into universities.

examination should be scrapped

Furthermore, examinations are also used as a yardstick for measuring the capability of the students, for further education or employment.

Let us see, what do examinations actually mean? Besides that, public examination is not the only way to determine the future of that student.

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Should Public Examinations in Malaysia be Abolished Essay Example