Sharing experiences and advice about fish breeding

This provides easy cleaning and maintenance and greatly reduces the possibilities of sickness. It has similar functions with driftwood. If you buy smaller Discus the more water you will have and the better they will grow. So keep your fish in separate tanks while the newcomers undergo a period of quarantine.

induced fish breeding

Remember to switch off aeration and filtration for the duration of the feed. A rule of thumb is to try to imitate nature as close as possible.

breeding tropical fish

I soon realized that we were being subjected to low quality fish at high prices and I didn't like that very much. Do keep in mind that Iodine is harmful to fish so make sure you wash it all off.

The stocking density should be around 4 to 20 fry max per gallon of water.

induced fish breeding a practical guide for hatcheries

The skin should never be slimy.

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