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A copy of the written consent is available for review by the Editor-in-Chief of this journal. Since the patient was enrolled in university at the time of diagnosis, his cognitive function is assumed to be well preserved. He would emerge from his room and ask his family to be quiet even when they were not making any noise. Limitations in contemporary treatment approaches necessitate the development of culturally relevant psychotherapeutic interventions. Her hygiene had deteriorated and this was an increasing burden on her caregiver. Furthermore, we successfully used ECT for management of acute disturbance in two of the three patients prior to the notification of Mental Health Care Act, that prohibits its use in minors. He was admitted for diagnostic clarification and rationalization of his medications. On exam there, Myles was found to be a poorly groomed young man who seemed inattentive and preoccupied.

However, his hallucinations and aggression reappeared within 2 weeks of discharge and was readmitted. He denied any desire to inflict harm on himself or others.

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When he did talk to them, he said he had found clues that his college was just a front for an organized crime operation. He was born out of a nonconsanguineous marriage, uneventful birth, and pregnancy.

All of these symptoms fit with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I asked the patient if he felt he would harm himself or others because of his psychotic-like symptoms.

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He had a normal gait and appeared comfortable in an unsupported seated position. This form of therapy by manipulating the environment [ 8 ] was welcomed by Y, who believed that it will enable her obtain a paid job, practise her work as a diviner and save money to care for her children. Google Scholar 3. These beliefs however, may hamper treatment offered by mental health professionals with a western styled education that focuses majorly on the patient medication adherence, patient centred psychotherapeutic interventions [ 7 ], rather than on the interrelationships between culture environment and physiology genetics. The physician found no wrist swelling, minimal tenderness over the ulnar aspect of the right wrist, full functional strength, and minimally restricted range of motion ROM. His sleep was disturbed only when lying on the right shoulder. He was born out of a nonconsanguineous marriage, uneventful birth, and pregnancy.

Lack of a clear evidence base often deter specialists from instituting such interventions due to fears over criticism from peers and the potential for abusing such interventions.

There is a need to develop these culturally relevant treatment modalities to benefit the minority of psychiatric patients for whom cultural beliefs play a significant role in disease presentation, treatment and outcome.

He has been maintaining at the same level since 6 months of discharge.

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Outcomes are also unavailable for this case report, since follow-up by the physical therapist was not possible. Deterioration of her handwriting skills and avoidance of group activities in school were observed.

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Moreover, the early onset of psychosis is associated with poor prognosis, worse overall functioning, and multiple hospitalizations. However, when these symptoms are treated, most people with schizophrenia will greatly improve over time. The patient did not believe that he had a psychiatric disorder, but he was willing to follow up with a psychiatrist. E-mail: moc. All rights reserved. Case presentation We report a case series of schizophrenia spectrum disorders affecting four women in a Nigerian family of Ibo tribal origin who responded marginally to pharmacological interventions and required insight oriented psychotherapy and family therapy in resolving psychosocial problems. Myles agreed to sign himself into the psychiatric unit for treatment. With the early recognition of childhood mental health illnesses, we need to build and strengthen ample child and adolescent mental health services in India.
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Case Studies in Schizophrenia