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Before you choose what faction you want to be in, you must take a test. In schools on the other hand, there should be group studies, consultation with the teachers and professors may be done in order to be provided with supplemental pieces of knowledge or assistance to the topic if the students find it hard to assimilate the topics.

In terms of physical health, most of them are less likely to acquire heart problems because of their increased physical activities due to their working conditions requiring physical efforts like construction worker and the like.

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Whereas in school, if you fail an exam, you were reprimanded by the teacher, or if there is a coming major exam, you get stressed which will have adverse effect in your social, mental and spiritual health conditions.

Being divergent means you could be in more than one faction, you fit into more than one.

He and Woodley have an easy chemistry with each other, but the romance that took its time and smoldered on the page feels a bit rushed on the screen. At an undisclosed age sixteen according to the book , each member must choose between the path of an intellect, a farmer, a public servant, a politician, or a soldier. The setting is old, and kid of creepy. Related articles across the web. The Amity are happy, hippie farmers who dress in shades of sorbet. The conflict does not get resolved in this book. Balanced foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals should be served regularly to achieve the required caloric intake for their children. Tweet "Divergent" is all about identity—about searching your soul and determining who you are and how you fit in as you emerge from adolescence to adulthood. The Erudite are the serious-minded scholars who wear conservative, dark blue. Eric a coolly intimidating Jai Courtney is the merciless Dauntless leader who's taking the faction—which was founded on the notion of noble courage—in a more militant and vicious direction.

I like her because she is different than everyone else. However, somehow contradict the statement of Beatrice saying that she does not belong in any Of the five faction for she is a Divergent- has more than one faction.

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When they are in a test they can tell themselves its not real. Youths are expected to follow their heritage and are discouraged from selecting a role unaligned with their birthright. The factions are presented through their different functions in the society, the lifestyle they have especially their manner of dressing, the beliefs that they hold on to, and the different culture that they have which we give emphasis on our paper. It's the conundrum so many of these types of books face as they become pop-culture juggernauts and film franchises: which elements to keep to please the fervent fans and which to toss in the name of maintaining a lean, speedy narrative? Something exciting always happens in each chapter. The setting is old, and kid of creepy. The story is about a girl named Beatrice, who later becomes Trice. But it also means she gets to train to unleash the bad-ass that's been lurking inside her all along. Children are often served with junk foods containing less to no nutrients, thats the reason why many of them are malnourished. How to achieve it? Before you choose what faction you want to be in, you must take a test. First, physical health is very vital to daily activities of a family. Social concept of health is very important to every family. Furthermore, children and the youth must be educated to maintain a harmonious relationship with their fellow citizens.

Counseling and education should be imparted to their children to ensure adherence to prescribed diet and activities. You can not change factions after you choose.

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