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Also, as has happened in European countries with experience of the VAT, a flourishing industry may arise in issuing phony vouchers, so that businesses can over-inflate their alleged expenditures, and reduce their reported value added. A proportional burden would also be demonstrated if lifetime income rather than current income is used. Given the fact that the primary purpose of VAT is to raise government revenue in an efficient manner and with as little distortions of economic activity as possible, distribution effects are perhaps better addressed by other forms of tax and government expenditure policies which can often be better targeted at these aims. But in some circumstances, notably when exporting goods — which are VAT-free under nearly all national systems — businesses can claim refunds. Note that in each case the VAT paid is equal to ten percent of the profit, or "value added. A VAT should only be imposed after the economy has returned to full employment, as the depressing effects of increased taxation in a demand-driven economy would suppress the economic recovery. Each business has a strong incentive for its suppliers to pay their taxes, allowing VAT rates to be higher with less tax evasion than a retail sales tax.

The regressivity of VAT, or the relatively higher burden of the tax at the lower income levels than at the higher income levels, may be offset by adjustments to income tax rates, or credits against the income tax. However if, following the premise that welfare is demonstrated by the level of consumption rather than income, consumption is used as the denominator the impact of VAT would be proportional.

This means that VAT is paid in the last point tax under the sale tax regime.

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Input VAT is recovered by setting it against the output VAT for which the business is required to account to the government, or, if there is an excess, by claiming a repayment from the government. The key distinction is that VATs are collected at each stage of production, whereas retail sales taxes are collected only at point of final sale. The taxable commodities are listed in the respective schedule with the rates. This law was initially scheduled to operate with an automated administration from 1 July , however the project has now been extended for another two years. There would be no fall in such remaining goods. Filing of Return and Paying Tax. In cases where there was an effect it was a one time effect that simply shifted the trend line of the consumer price index CPI.

A business is generally able to recover input VAT to the extent that the input VAT is attributable to that is, used to make its taxable outputs. The sum of value added at each stage of production is the retail sales price, so in aggregate the VAT simply replicates the tax patterns created by a retail sales tax and is like other flat tax rates on aggregate consumption.

But in some circumstances, notably when exporting goods — which are VAT-free under nearly all national systems — businesses can claim refunds. Fair and Equitable VAT introduces the uniform tax rates across the state so that unfair advantages cannot be taken while levying the tax.

However because of its particular mechanism of collection, VAT becomes quite easily the target of specific frauds. Many countries in AfricaAsia, and South America have also followed suit. This date will be determined as follows: If a dealer is not registered because their annual turnover is less than the threshold; their liability to account for VAT starts from the date they cross the threshold.

With sales tax, if final sales are not covered by the tax system e. This transparency and in-built incentive for compliance would increase revenues.

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Exemptions refer to situations where output is not taxed but taxes paid on inputs are not recoverable. Thus the concept of zero VAT rate on some items has been introduced.

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