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From the point of view of university faculty, the necessary components of a research culture that would enhance research productivity are: a time, b strong belief in the research endeavor, c faculty involvement, d positive group climate, working condition and organizational communication e faculty development program, f research infrastructure, g decentralized research policy, h research funding, and i clear institutional policy for research benefits and incentives.

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Creating a research culture: What can we lLearn fFrom residencies that are successful in research. Faculty Productivity: Facts, Fictions, and Issues pp. Policies and guidelines on research benefits and incentives.

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There should be a means to reach out to those who are less knowledgeable in research. Time is therefore considered as a factor that affects research activity. One pointed out that, as a homegrown academic, serving as research assistant and pursuing his passion have directed his research path.

Ched memo on faculty qualification

Educational Research and Methods, vol. Faculty involvement in the real sense of the word must be developed. This study operates on the assumption that attitudes and values concerning research within the institutional and organizational levels affect research productivity. Fairweather, J. The administration must provide opportunities for junior faculty to work together with expert researchers. Method Forty faculty members from 14 universities and colleges, both public and private, with representations from the three biggest island groups of the Philippines, accomplished a questionnaire. These frames of meanings occur in the interaction between Domain 1 and Domain 3 as well. Institutions should strengthen research benefits and incentives that could serve as motivational factors for doing research. This pertains to the funds allotted by the institution for research. Domain 3, the Institutional Attributes and Policies, refers to the policies set by the institution for the purpose of developing a research orientation. Because only a few institutions in the country have access to sufficient funding for research, the CHED should plan strategic ways of offering financial assistance or grants for individual and institutional research projects.

The research activities resulting from Domain 2 develop knowledge that would provide context for Domain 3.

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