Once upon a time analysis

The poem, therefore exemplifies that 'Child is the Father of Man. They are conforming, or trying to fit, to a preconceived mold that is set up by societal expectations. All judgments that the reader makes also come from the individual actions of each character. He tells his son that he wants to get rid of this false laugh showing only the teeth.

once upon a time as a commentary on the hypocrisies of society

Okara, G. The poem contains the following figures of speech. Without realising that they are turning their home into a prison. The Call of the River Nun is a similar celebration of lost innocence This article was originally posted in Yahoo Voices in He uses a simile to compare the faces that he wears to wearing different dresses.

The speaker tells his son that he wants to relearn everything and be like him. The tone of the poem is sad.

once upon a time by gabriel okara line by line explanation
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Poetry Analysis: Gabriel Okara‘s “Once Upon a Time”