Note writing app for android tablet

The app has a bunch of features including organization features, cross-platform support, widgets, Android Wear support, collaboration features, and support for voice, text, and photo additions to notes.

best note taking app with stylus windows

Simplenote lives up to its name and offers a refreshingly pared-down environment for writing and thought collection. Each of the cards has a unique color e. It also has Android Wear support if you need that. The free version has ads and limited cloud support.

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More recently, the company has come around to a more contemporary view of creating a single consistent user experience that's equal across all devices. The app is also free with no in-app purchases or ads.

best note taking app with stylus android

Note templates? The notes can be organized using custom labels and tags, and you can revise notes with highlights and ink annotations.

Best note taking app with stylus

Everything within Keep syncs automatically, without any configuration or manual action required. While this approach works, it's not exactly the most secure. This means that the encryption password is known only to you, and there's no way to recover the encrypted data if you lose or forget the password. The interesting feature of this app is the boundless drawing area, you can simply scroll through the app whenever you run out of writing space and the app creates more space right away. Its task management tools let you assign to-do lists, add due dates and mention others, directly from the active document. Additionally, you can sync between all of your devices, Evernote is one of the cleanest, most of polished note-taking apps. It also synchronizes your notes across multiple devices, allowing you to access them from any PC, tablet or phone. Of course, this concern doesn't apply if your company has an Evernote business plan and you want to collaborate with co-workers. This is essentially a lighter version of the much larger FiiNote program. First, Evernote has become a bit bloated over the years.

Are there any other free ones that we missed? That makes it great for things like journals, diaries, research notes, story writing, and others.

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That means when using the app from an Android phone, you get an oddly incomplete-feeling second-class experience. Similarly, the File card makes it possible to add PDFs, word documents and spreadsheets to notes. It takes images and PDFs and lets you adjust them with your own markups as you see fit, thus giving you extra control over your notes. Where it differs from others are the extra features for scribbling or sketching, with various color editor options that make it as much as an all-purpose sketchbook as a notepad, depending on what you want to get from it. The app has Google Drive integration so you can access them online if you need to. Deep organization? For starters, you can create handwritten notes using a finger or stylus, plus there's also the option to create notes using a built-in text-to-speech feature.

You do have to subscribe to get rid of the ads, but that's about the only downside. You can color-code notes, if you want, and give them labels for subject-specific browsing. It employs an open layout that's great for writing notes or typing them if needed. For more security, it's best to encrypt notes before you save them.

Note writing app for android tablet

Through the OneNote badge hovering on screen, you can easily pen done the thoughts in lightning fast speed. Microsoft recently announced OneNote would be more free than ever before. Google Notes supports gesture writing, too. Which note-taking app is your favorite? We are putting the spotlight on 5 under-appreciated Evernote features and detail their value. Squid formerly Papyrus Squid is a vector-based note-taking app that eschews typing for handwriting. Your notes are stored in the cloud, and iCloud synchronization means you can effortlessly access them on both iOS and macOS devices. From checklists to external files, anything can be added to notes. Notepad app also comes with plotting boards to perform sketching and do graffiti.
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