Mumbai dabbawalah

This way we are not well qualified to teach anyone or for that matter deliver any lecture.

mumbai dabbawala project

I just wanted my children to have what the other kids had. Talekar 7 my younger son Subhash is a B. They are the men on whom lakhs of people in Mumbai rely on.

Therefore, the whole system depends on symbols, signs, and colours for organisation, and delivery of lunch boxes.

Mumbai dabbawalah

A khanawal is a small eatery where you get homemade food at cheap prices. I still remember the first day I delivered the dabbas. Tiffin-wallahs are self-employed. He started the age-old Dabbawalla business in These people are a part of the giant organization mostly known as the Dabbawalas of Mumbai. Both my daughters-in-law are graduates, so what I could not do, I made sure that my children did. The codes on each lunchbox indicate a pick-up point, drop-off, train station, and the individual dabbawala responsible for its journey. That phrase was picked up and repeated by other reporters in other stories and now seems to have become part of the folklore. As you know, six-sigma is a process, not a statistic. How Dabbawalas of Mumbai Works You might wonder that in this type of chain management, errors are likely to happen. Many of the lunchboxes have to be moved from one train to another in order to reach their final destination, just like the commuters that devour them at lunchtime. Fines are imposed for alcohol, tobacco, being out of uniform, and absenteeism.

The dabbawalas do not have a literate background. Explore other Travel Guide Apps.

Mumbai dabbawala case study

The same rule applies for its return trip. That seemed to be a respectable option to me at that time. Prior to that I dreamt of working in an office, under a roof, at a desk top. Due to this reason we are invited for the lecture by reputed organizations in not only 73 Mumbai or India but from foreign nations too. He is an equal shareholder in the Dabbawallah Trust. My children eventually went to a Marathi medium school. They left their families behind to venture into a better, more fruitful life. Let your friends know about it Was this helpful? The system operates a little bit like a co-op, in which each man is responsible for finding his own customers and collecting the money. This group is working for the last years.

Photo: Lottie Gross Yet here I am, following 12 men dressed all in white pushing a hand cart, carving through the rush-hour traffic which parts like the Red Sea in Israel. For example, an abbreviation is used for the pickup point of the lunchbox, color coding is used for starting stations, numbers are assigned for destination stations, and markings are used for the dabbawala who is supposed to handle and deliver the lunchbox to the final destination.

But, before you go ahead, below, we share are a few interesting facts to know about the dabbawalas.

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Mumbai Dabbawala