Math extended essay

Tips 5: Have fun. Appropriate material is carefully chosen.

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Please feel free to contact me at liuchangshuo outlook. Investigation 4 marks : A fairly large range of appropriate sources or data are used for your investigation. Welcome to the world of Mathematics and thank you for considering Mathematics EE!

Past papers on these topics are good, but too much done on this field will make your situation even harder.

Math extended essay

Data, if not available, will require you to acquire them manually — time-consuming. Research question 2 marks : The research question must be clearly stated in the introduction The research question must be focused. Try not to procrastinate. Over-shooting the word limit is highly discouraged. When your supervisor set you a deadline, do follow the deadline. Try to have fun. Close your eye and start your imagination.

Within word limit of words. Part 1: Prerequisites and Criteria Before you decide to write a Mathematics Extended Essay, you should check whether you have the following factors, Love for Mathematics — The soul.

Literary Function! Note: both seniors have such hallowing experience, supporting the myth that Maths EE is the most challenging EE of all.

Your supervisor is there for you!! What was the commitment like? Proof: Using Axiom 1, you have much time before the deadline of finalizing your RQ.

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12 Engaging And Applicable Topics For Math Extended Essays