Learner emotional welfare

Emotional well being

Recognise and celebrate when your child has done well, for example helping to put away the shopping, sharing toys with friends, showing kindness and consideration for others or taking part in a game and having fun regardless of the result. Talk about characters in a book or film. While most reports focus on a particular aspect of the school environment e. Encourage and support your child to resolve issues independently and to know when and where to seek help and advice. SEL skills promote responsible decision making later in life. Go along with your child on a community litter pick. Clean out the hamster cage or build fun obstacle courses for the hamster to navigate.

Support is also extended to fostering best practices in behavior management, discipline, and school climate that promote healthy, safe, and nurturing environments for all students. Compared to controls, SEL participants demonstrated significantly improved social and emotional skills, attitudes, behavior, and academic performance that reflected an percentile-point gain in achievement.

Support them as they develop new friendships and interests.

emotional mental well being

Believe in your child's ability to think things through for themselves. Start a photograph album together with your child of their life so far. While the primary purpose of school is academic development, its effects on adolescents are far broader, also encompassing their physical and mental health, safety, civic engagement, and social development.

Social emotional learning

This is an essential skill for positive mental health. Ask your child how they are feeling about the visit. Help them to explore your local area and how to travel safely between known places. Although many preschool through high school teachers—as well as college faculty and administrators, employers, parents, and students themselves—understand the potential benefits of cultivating social and emotional development, few have the time or support to enable students to build social and emotional competencies. Try to have a bedtime routine, including tooth brushing and perhaps reading a story together. Consider doing an online course or attend information evenings at school. Submit Social and emotional well-being is critical to overall health Schools are an ideal setting to support the social and emotional well-being of students and offer resources and opportunities to build resilience.

Try to have a bedtime routine, including tooth brushing and perhaps reading a story together. Talk about characters in a book or film. What would they do to help someone in those circumstances? Building teacher capacity to promote and explicitly teach SEL: This may include exploring literature around SEL, attending professional learning about SEL or team teaching with a staff member who is comfortable and already explicitly teaching SEL.

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