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The decision of the police ends up affecting the parties in their situation of domestic violence. The foremost concern of the police should be preserving life. This large number of terms supports our claim that the Constitution is written in the language of the law. Yale Law Journal. In their working, the police usually come across female victims that are decidedly un cooperative. Normatively, it is the view that this original meaning should largely be followed today. Instead of the police using their discretion to provide for the resolution between the crime victims and offenders of domestic abuse, they perform dismally in their quest to ensure that Justice prevails. Therefore, the discretion of the police does not always have a strong motivating intention. Original methods would have an enormous impact on how one understands the meaning of the Constitution. They must balance competing considerations of punishment, deterrence, rehabilitation, denunciation and community protection.

If the Constitution was written in legal language but we read it as having been written in ordinary language, we will misinterpret its meaning. This is one of many situations where discretion comes into place.

The prosecutor has the choice prosecutorial discretion to prosecute a case or drop the charges as well as suggesting plea bargains. This comes with the freedom to make amicable decisions at the crime scene.

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This can be an argument either for or against police using discretion. Removal of judicial discretion is not the proper way to deal with these community concerns.

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This has a basis on the discretion that the police have when it comes to domestic violence. This provides for an important element in the Criminal Justice system. It has made originalism more determinate than many new originalists and almost all of their critics believed possible.

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