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And she just listened. But I think underneath she was very sad. Ted Kramer: I won't forget. But I'm there. Our sympathies do tend to be with the father -- we've seen him change and grow -- but now we are basically just acting as witnesses to the drama. It was too much about her: her pride, her guilt, her endless search for self-actualization. He had toyed with the idea of closing the movie on a re-united Ted and Billy walking through Central Park. What that means is that we can see the father and son learning about each other and growing closer. When Dustin looked across the table, he saw not just an actress making a scene suggestion but shades of Anne Byrne, his soon-to-be ex-wife. Joanna Kramer: [wipes the tears from her eyes and pats her hair] How do I look? Ted and Joanna each begin meeting with lawyers and crafting strategies to paint the other as a bad parent.

Very much. Then something happened that shocked not just Meryl but everyone on set. My wife, my ex-wife, says that she loves Billy, and I believe she does, but I don't think that's the issue here.

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Ted Kramer: Okey, just do what you have to do. But he realized early on that there were two stories embedded in the movie. I just don't need conclusive answers to be happy with a story. In the next take, Dustin smacked the wineglass and it shattered on the restaurant wall.

Kramer" exists very close to that edge where real people are making real decisions. Benton turned to Dustin. Ted Kramer: You know my wife is fighting me for custody?. You can't get rid of me that easy.

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