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Johnson, a famous Shakespearean scholar, was so upset by Cordelia's death that he stopped reading the play. So far as it is shown in the first two scenes, no.

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Do you think that Cordelia is being cruel in refusing to play her father's game? In which ways is King Lear timeless, yet clearly a play of its times? How does Edmund turn his father against Edgar? Without guidance from other females, the sisters actively pursue their desires as they themselves see fit.

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His mind is restored through the medium of quiet, rest, sleep, kindness, and Cordelia. Gloucester is persuaded that he did fall. What was Lear sure Cordelia would say? Why does Kent wish to serve Lear? Goneril's father's behaviour and his management style which includes the preferential treatment of his troops whose behavior is considered "riotous" and she instructs Oswald to ignore them which would infuriate her father giving her a reason to indirectly influence his sudden departure to his other daughter, Regan. King Lear has both personal and political dimensions, just as Lear himself is both a father and a king. He wanted her to get ready because he was coming to stay at her house with all his knights. She said that she loved him as much as a daughter should love her father. Edmund tricks his brother Edgar into fleeing by convincing him that Cornwall was angry with him for being on Albany's side of their "disagreement" and that it would be beneficial for him to leave his hiding place because Cornwall knew of it.

By the end of Act 1 What does Lear realize about Goneril? How does Albany learn of the treachery of his wife and Edmund? He wanted his father to believe that Edgar has tried to kill him.

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The first two daughters answered the old man with sweet sounding words which were full of fluff and flattery. To whom? This is ironic since Lear punished him for expressing his beliefs openly which were contradictory to that of his superior.

King lear questions

The parallels that I see between this scene and the first one is Cordelia and Edmund who are both unable to openly express their feelings. By what steps has Gloucester been led to his betrayal? He told Lear that Cordelia was his favourite daughter and she loved him very much. It is honest and realistic. Why does Lear ask how much his daughters love him? Why did Edgar pretend to be a mad homeless person? He meets Edgar and not recognizing his son, asks him to lead the way to the Cliff.

Why was Lear shocked of her answer? What parallels do you see between this scene and the first one?

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Kent's reaction to what Oswald's servant does to Lear is tripping him. Is Edgar really mad? Are there any moments in the play where King Lear seems as if it could have a happy ending? To whom? The fool joked that Lear had become a fool because he had given away all his power to his daughters. From what did the sisters warn each other? He was very pleased and gave her another third of land. How do the family struggles between Lear and his three daughters play out on a national scale? Lear cursed Goneril and wished that if she had a child, that it would torment her. What is the effect on Goneril and her husband of the news of Gloucester's fate? What did he say? In which ways is King Lear timeless, yet clearly a play of its times?
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