Introduction of bancassurance

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The secondary data is that data which have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical process. It costs a lot of insurance companies to identify, train, motivate and reward insurance agents to push their products. These are some of the issues related to the banking insurance from the perspective of both the bankers and insurers. Although, the banks are selling only non — sophisticated products, the changes in the regulatory environment may encourage the banks to go for more sophisticated products. Progress has definitely been made as can be seen by the number of advanced products flooding the market today - products with attractive premiums, unitized products, unit-linked products and innovative riders. Compared to other European countries, the distribution of insurance products via banks in German-speaking countries has not yet become widespread. Insurance is sold as one more item in the menu of products offered to the banks customer, however, the products of banks and insurance will have their respective brands too. By marketing a full range of insurance products in the life and non-life sectors, banks, spread not only awareness of these products and services among the people, but also make a handsome amount of money by expanding the scope of this service. At the same time, it is vital for insurers to survive: The maintenance of existing customer relationships, the maintenance of existing product portfolios and the renewal of IT systems must not be neglected. For a consumer it is also feasible as he or she do not have to move from one place to other to purchase the different types of financial products. HIM insurance companies may have a sales force, may use brokers and agents and may have a partnership with a bank. Currently, insurance agents are still the main vehicles through which insurance products are sold. This model is best suited for majority of banks including some major urban cooperative banks because neither there is sharing of risk nor does it require huge investment in the form of infrastructure and yet could be a good source of income.

It is assumed that bancassurance channel is a win — win situation for each and every stakeholder. So, by getting a product offering from their own banks make the purchasing decision of insurance product easier.

But China recently allowed banks to buy insurers and vice versa, stimulating the bancassurance product, and some major global insurers in China have seen the bancassurance product greatly expand sales to individuals across several product lines.

Introduction of bancassurance

The research design must make enough provision for protection against bias and must maximize reliability, with due concern for the economical completion of the research study. Recent Posts. Even though, banks and insurance companies in India are yet to exchange their wedding rings, Bancassurance as a means of distribution of insurance products is already in force in some form or the other. In most countries, bancassurance has tended to see a gradual evolution in the products offered from protection business closely related to the banks lending activity to general savings business and finally to a wider range of protection products. The regulations also restricts the banks to establish tie ups with not more than one life and one non — life and one standalone health insurance company in any of the states of India. The IT culture is unfortunately missing completely in all of the future collaborations. Field of action 3: Integration For banks, the classic integration of insurance products into the existing process and IT landscape is a major challenge. Banks, apart from the regular products of deposits and advances, investments and others, are also involved in the sale of insurance products, both life and non-life, in order to increase the basis of their income fees, and benefit from the inherent advantages as a well-established supermarket financial shops benefits Bancassurance: banks have several advantages compared with insurance companies that make them the perfect vehicle to convey the message of the insurance on the masses, across a wide segment of the community, and in the process increase their business and improve the final result of their own.

Since random sampling implies equal probability to every unit in the population, it is necessary that the selection of the sample must be free from human judgment.

The Anivo technology platform can be used not only by banks in a single country, but also with one bank or another distribution partner across multiple countries. The entire business operations are monitored by IRDA, the regulatory authority which controls it. Sometimes, some banks engage staffs who are exclusively deals with the bancassurance business transactions.

From a banking perspective, this is highly relevant in terms of the number of personal touchpoints with customers, customer loyalty and the opportunity to address other issues.

This untapped regions may give them cost advantage and at the same time market coverage. The insurance products are mainly deals with the help of bank staffs and in some cases if required a representative designated in one specific branch to sell the insurance products on behalf of the bank as well as the insurance companies.

The main advantage that the new age insurance companies are getting is in terms of coverage.

history of bancassurance
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Successful Bancassurance Use Case in Switzerland