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To guarantee a fair and square deal and social security measures. Small Size of unions The small size of unions is due to various factors, namely: The fact that by seven workers may form a union under the Trade Union Act ofand get it registered and a large number of small unions have grown.

The future of industrial relations in kenya

As of 4 June , there are still discussions around the text to be submitted to the people for referendum. This will ensure optimum use of resources, both human and materials, eliminating all types of wastage. In such a situation union is obliged to use its best efforts to end the strike. The management can take disciplinary action for the absence of workmen. To create public opinion favourable to trade unions and thereby to raise their status. To save the union organization from the exploitation by vested interests personal and political. The labour management synergy Planning for healthy Industrial Relations is one of the most delicate and complex problems of present day industrial society, representing diverse points of flexion and bases of industrial edifice. This notwithstanding, the movement was able to grow both in numerical strength and power. These perceptions may be the perceptions of persons, of situations or of issues involved in the conflict. There are several reasons for this phenomenon, namely. Industrial Disputes Lack of strong and healthy trade unionism, lack of a proper policy of union recognition and inter-union rivalries. It is easier for management to negotiate with more educated employees than less educated ones. Other factors also influence perception and may bring about clashes.

Labour regulation The Evolution of Labour Law in Kenya The genesis of labour law and practice can be traced to the 19th century when need arose for the colonial government to pass legislation to ensure adequate supply of cheap labour to service the emerging enterprises in agriculture, industry and in the service sector.

The KANU became de facto the sole political party.

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To a politician, industrial conflict is a war of different ideologies perhaps a class-war. To exert pressure for enhancement of rewards associated with the work only after making a realistic assessment of its practical implications. In average Kenyan employees enjoy annual leave of 24 days.

Under the Trade Disputes Act, section 15 2the amount awarded must not exceed the actual financial loss suffered by the employee as a result of the wrongful dismissal, or an amount equal to his or her wages for twelve months.

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Constitutional framework The current constitutional organization of the country The current Constitution differs fundamentally from the Constitution adopted on 12 December Resignation Under the Employment Act, sections 14 5 and 16, the conditions for termination by notice by the employer apply here.

Major points of concern were: Extension of the application of protective labour regulation into the informal sector; Harmonisation of the Kenyan labour legislation within the East African Community; Merging and redrafting the different Acts in order to produce a user-friendly and comprehensive labour legislation for benefit the people; The elimination of remaining colonial heritage in employment relations and contracts; The introduction of an Industrial Court of Appeal to overcome contradicting jurisdiction between the High Court and the Industrial Court; Review registration procedures and trade union monopoly based on the Trade Unions Act Cap.

Government Involvement in Industrial Relations in Kenya helps in economic progress of a country. Disregard of principles of natural justice may also cause the Court to intervene.

A participative and permissive altitude on the part of management tends to give an employee a feeling that he is an important member of the organization a feeling that encourages a spirit of cooperativeness and dedication to work.

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Industrial Relations