How to write a supernatural book series

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Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'. The Clockmaker How? So when you create a supernatural entity, put yourself n their shoes not only emotionally and intellectually, but also in realization of the time spent learning and experiencing life as an immortal. Supernatural fiction gives you a lot of scope. If you create a whole new world you need to make it believable and interesting, but also think about every little detail, and readers need to buy into that world completely. Subtlety is key to realism. If you were an immortal being, I can guarantee that after a few hundred years, you would grow tired of being stupid or acting without purpose. Two things must be of note, however. Why did Stone Age man remove the heads from corpses? In all reality, the reason for using the supernatural should go beyond its popularity or your enjoyment of the creatures. However, there was also a time when publishers believed there was no market at all for books about werewolves. Good vs evil with angels and demons?

Make the supernatural element integral to your story. You can stroll down the sidewalk or wander off the back porch. Suppose you introduce a character who's a ghost.

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You can write a paranormal romance novel where the plot focuses solely on the romance, while the paranormal aspect is mostly shown through world building. Once you've organized your thoughts, it's often useful to outline your story, scene by scene, until the very end, to make sure you are actively moving your characters towards a climax.

If you can tell the same story without those supernatural elements, leave them out. It is not critical that you share this information with your audience—only that it exists so that the elements in your story work together to create a visible sort of logic.

Honestly, you can't worry too much about what's popular now because Remove the cloned dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, and you have no story.

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How are humans affected if they do not know about the supernatural? Tip 5: Avoid the tired cliches of the supernatural genre. And while most supernatural stories are scary, some are not, like the romantic films "Ghost" or "Ghost Town.

In this case, a supernatural story.

Why do authors use supernatural elements

Interested in learning how to write paranormal novels? Of course, madness or a necessity for example, sucking blood in order to live, or acting like a teen in order to disguise oneself to act in those ways may often play a factor in your story. Writing is a most enjoyable experience; try it, share it with others, enjoy the process and let the words flow, who knows where it will take you. Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'. If you create a whole new world you need to make it believable and interesting, but also think about every little detail, and readers need to buy into that world completely. I do the school run, get home, make some coffee and walk around the house playing the scene out in my head. If you change rules to bend the plot to your convenience, then you've sabotaged the story and any relationship with your audience. The setting was equally important-one that would lend itself to the supernatural overtones of the book. First, you won't get lost halfway through writing if you have a map of your story. Drew got the idea for The Clockmaker while sitting in the garden! There must be a reason—dating back to the beginning of time—for why the supernatural is thrown into the mix even if the explanation is just a god of chaos , and for why there is a balance between the natural and supernatural why, for example, have vampires not taken over the earth, or why is every single place in the world filled with hundreds of ghosts.

But most of all enjoy it all. The idea initially came from Drew-based on a minor character in his fantasy work Optics-and it grew into a supernatural novel.

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When writing about an overused supernatural creature?