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As this position was applied to religious matters, D. They cannot be scientific answers. If the latter, it is not possible, if the former, it is possible. Thomas believed that the existence of God can be demonstrated. There is a sense in which Reformed epistemology is more of a defensive strategy offering grounds for thinking that religious belief, if true, is warranted rather than providing a positive reason why persons who do not have or believe they have a sensus divinitatis should embrace Christian faith. We know that our species is a tiny twig of a genealogical tree that embraces all living things and that emerged from prebiotic chemicals almost four billion years ago. If they are using moral language intelligibly, how could it be that the very meaning of such moral language should be analyzed in terms of Divine volitions? God can simply know the future without this having to be grounded on an established, determinate future. Arguably, in the Christian understanding of values, an evident relationship with God is part of the highest human good, and if God were loving, God would bring about such a good. Famously, Antony Flew employed this strategy in his likening the God of theism to a belief that there is an undetectable, invisible gardener who could not be heard or smelled or otherwise empirically discovered Flew It was insensitive to the broader task of scientific inquiry which is properly conducted not on the tactical scale of scrutinizing particular claims about empirical experience but in terms of a coherent, overall theory or view of the world. Despite the initial plausibility of the Academies stance, however, it may be problematic.

The ontological argument was introduced by Anselm of Canterbury in his book Proslogion. But the real question is, can we answer any of them? The force of these cases is to show how similar they are to the regress of contingent explanations.

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Thus, in thinking of God as omniscient, one might begin with a non-controversial case of a person knowing that a proposition is true, taking note of what it means for someone to possess that knowledge and of the ways in which the knowledge is secured.

The logical positivist critique of religion is not dead.

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Isaac Newton saw the existence of a Creator necessary in the movement of astronomical objects. Paul Moser has systematically argued for a profoundly different framework in which he contends that if the God of Christianity exists, this God would not be evident to inquirers who for example are curious about whether God exists.

While the Cambridge Platonists might have been the first explicit philosophers of religion, for the most part, their contemporaries and successors addressed religion as part of their overall work. This could be either the all-out necessity of supreme pre-eminence across all possible worlds used in versions of the ontological argument, or a more local, limited notion of a being that is uncaused in the actual world.

The positive philosophical case for theism has been met by work by many powerful philosophers, most recently Ronald Hepburn —J. Monotheists believe that there is only one god, and may also believe this god is worshipped in different religions under different names. Rather the premise of this God proof is bring together and share the various theories on which other God proofs have established foundations.

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Existence of God Essay