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Litwin and colleagues found that the biggest improvements in general HRQoL in the year after CAB or orchiectomy were in emotional, role-emotional, and social well-being.

When problems do arise, treatments have been associated with improvements in function. Cancer screening in the United States, A review of current American Cancer Society guidelines and current issues in cancer screening.

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Rong N, et al. Still, negative sexual sequela appears more characteristic of men treated with RP than of those treated with EBR Potosky et al. Others have demonstrated similar improvements in pain and overall well-being in the months following the initiation of this treatment regimen Stockler et al. This means that careful observation of the tumor is conducted over time, with the intention of initiating treatment if there are signs of cancer progression. Further, two cross-sectional studies have shown that in comparison with castration, treatment with bicalutamide resulted in more interest in sexuality 1 year following the initiation of treatment in both advanced, non-metastatic Iversen et al. In many of these studies, HRQoL assessments were made years after treatment. This form of treatment has a number of side effects, but they usually disappear when the therapy is over. Since these studies report data aggregated across several treatments, it is difficult to ascertain the potential impact of any one treatment on distress. Accessed April 12, Helgason et al. Both abiraterone and enzalutamide are currently being tested in clinical trials in those with CRPC who have not previously received chemotherapy. Most studies of general HRQoL in men with advanced prostate cancer are longitudinal and focus on how general HRQoL fluctuates across time and treatment. Importantly, some studies have shown that sexual problems are a source of psychosocial distress in men with localized prostate cancer. Also, where there is greater access to screening programs, there is a higher detection rate. The level of sexual dysfunction reported is comparable to that reported by men with localized prostate cancer treated with RP see Litwin et al.

Unlike orchiectomy, surgical removal of the prostate, also known as radical prostatectory, can cure cancer. The recent longitudinal analysis from the PCOS has begun to clarify differences across treatments.

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Hormone therapy does not cure cancer, but it is used to slow the growth of cancer and relieve symptoms of the patients. Alternative approaches that delay active treatment and instead involve surveillance of diagnosed prostate cancers are termed expectant management.

Riggin EA.

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Bone scans should reveal osteoblastic appearance due to increased bone density in the areas of bone metastasis —opposite to what is found in many other cancers that metastasize.

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Facts About Prostate Cancer