Example of editorial writing about nature

Authors who are unable to accept a fee should let the News and Views editor know so that alternative arrangements can be made.

example of editorial writing about nature

The definition of impermissible environmental damage is both restrictive and unclear; there are legal uncertainties regarding the protection of elements of the environment as civilian objects; and application of the principle of proportionality where harm to the environment constitutes incidental damage is equally problematic.

Their role is to edit the language for maximum clarity and precision for those in other disciplines. About this article.

editorial writing about environmental issues

Nature editors cannot give details when declining unsolicited suggestions or contributions for these sections. Most papers are sent to two or three referees, but some are sent to more or, occasionally, just to one.

News and Views These articles inform nonspecialist readers about new scientific advances, as reported either in recently published papers in Nature and elsewhere or at scientific meetings. Top of page 7.

Editorial about environmental issues in the philippines

Such figures can be particularly helpful to nonspecialist readers of cell, molecular and structural biology papers. Your premium period will expire in 0 day s close x. They are peer-reviewed, and are substantially edited by Nature's editors in consultation with the author. Furthermore, Kuo suggests public policy to implement green spaces with plants, soil, and moving water in areas where health risks are high as an inexpensive public health intervention. When Nature is unable to consider a submitted Commentary or synopsis, detailed reasons cannot be given in view of the many received, although the Commentary editor tries to answer all such enquires promptly so that authors may seek publication elsewhere without delay. Authors and their institutions are advised to coordinate any of their own publicity with Nature's press office, in the first instance by e-mail after their paper is accepted for publication. This will reduce delays. Unsolicited manuscripts are considered, but short proposals in the form of a one-paragraph synopsis are preferred, made to the Commentary editor by email , with "Commentary proposal" and the author's name as the subject.
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Editorial: Nature and the Environment: The Psychology of Its Benefits and Its Protection