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The characteristics of assessment for learning are, it informs and promotes all learners achievements. As a tertiary teacher, I have found the PGCTT to be of great benefit to me as I seek to transform my teaching for the betterment of the students with whom I come into contact.

At the heart of all educational effort is the intention of student growth, development or improvement. By contrast, a view of assessment as professional investigation sees assessment as an integral part of good pedagogy.

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The teaching assistant will be better informed this will help to assist the teacher and learners alike. At my University, the curriculum has not been reviewed in more than thirty years. Like essays they can be summative or formative forms of assessment.

Reasons for assessment in education

Assessment for learning enables the learners to understand what they are doing, what they need to do, and how to go about doing it. People who graduated from an American school are painfully aware of how much emphasis is placed on high stakes testing. The second indicator is clear targets, which makes sure that the assessment reflects clear and valued students learning targets. For example, physics students can sometimes recall formulae and substitute numerical values correctly to answer examination questions while holding fundamental misunderstandings about relationships between force and motion. This is a mistake. As a result, teachers are able to institutionalize effective teaching choices and revise ineffective ones in their pedagogy. The students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. In conclusion assessment for learning is the ongoing assessing of learners, using a variety of methods. Learning and teaching has been an age-old practice. In the real world, they will have to know and do. At the heart of all educational effort is the intention of student growth, development or improvement. Incentives and test-based accountability in education. It will help the teacher to pass on responsibility to the learner for their own learning and make sure that the learner is involved with their own learning goals.

Lunenburg, F. There is growing evidence that the linking of rewards and sanctions to test results not only fails to produce the desired improvements, but also results in a range of responses that are inconsistent with what we now know about effective teaching and learning.

Classroom assessments are one of the most crucial educational tools for teachers.

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