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Consider Carrie's early obsession with prices and Hurstwood's slow decline. Critics of Sister Carrie often point out the inadequate human relationships Dreiser forms; however, perhaps Dreiser chooses not to focus on individuals She is seen to want to marry both men at different times, for conformity and economic reasons, and so hopes to be respectable in the eyes of others, but this is not portrayed as her only or main concern.

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The idea of sneaking around and peering into forbidden places gives just about everyone a thrill Her desire for material goods and the status that these things represent is the reason for her choice of all the men in her life with the exception of Ames, who when Carrie interacts with she changes significantly and has deeper, less materialistic ambitions and in terms of all the characters, is the driving force of the action.

They did some test and she had a CT scan of her head because of the symptoms During an interview he was asked how his parents influenced his poetry, he replied, "My Father was a storekeeper, loved the public, and was a marvelous storyteller.

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In Josie Kafka's review, she talks about how the book was able to hurt and horrify the audience. On the surface, they both live transient lives without roots; however, they are now at the opposite ends of the social scale.

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