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My goal up to now is to strengthen their hands and not completely overwhelm them with handwriting. Researchers have proposed more comprehensive cognitive models of writing development e. Because dysgraphia can be affected by motor skills, visual-spatial skills and processing speeds, there are a wide variety of methods for remediating dysgraphia. How about you? As we discuss various reasons students with dyslexia may have difficulty with writing, we will reference the simple view of writing to help explain how these difficulties may impact their writing. For dyslexia, this would be teaching and reviewing with an Orton-Gillingham based reading program. Accommodations are tools or procedures that allow kids to complete assignments at their grade level at their intellectual ability. Conclusions Many students with dyslexia experience writing difficulty in multiple areas. Handwriting is a part of most classes. Remediation for Dysgraphia I know some of you have been groaning as you read about the modifications that I make for my kids with dysgraphia. This is not surprising, as reading is theorized to be a central component of writing in some cognitive models of writing development e.

Index arthritic pens is designed for arthritic hands and are available in different sizes and styles. The goal of your instruction is to make sure your kids are competent writers and able to express themselves well.

Here is a tip for optimal pen holding; Use Indexpen and adopt one-finger writing.

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Start With Modifications Modifications are essentially that. As my kids get more and more fluent with their reading and writing, I transition them into any and all needed accommodations so that they can keep up with their studies and maintain a level of independence in keeping with their age and maturity level. Results Through the search, we found evidence of effective remedial and compensatory intervention strategies in spelling, transcription, executive function, and working memory. Mistakes are easily shaken away and the multi-sensory component helps aid memory. For dysgraphia, this involves improving: motor skills: both gross or large muscle and fine motor skills motor processing skills and enhancing visual-spatial awareness Remediation is the main focus of helping kids with dysgraphia from kindergarten through middle school. Dysgraphia is a condition that causes trouble with written expression. When there is a certain level of mastery here, I move on to a small dry erase board , preferably without lines.

We will then link suggested interventions with the model as well in order to illustrate why the interventions are likely to be effective. In a traditional school, 5 and 6 year olds are expected to write extensively throughout the day.

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Finally, we identify instructional strategies shown to be effective for improving writing skills and related reading skills of students with reading and writing disabilities. This one with lines on one side and is blank on the other. We are changing the way you write with a pen.

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So in the early years, I limit handwriting primarily to during handwriting instruction.

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How I Teach Handwriting to my Kids With Dysgraphia