Cultural invasion

They are opposed to the Islamic government, to the Islamic Republic and to the policies of the Islamic Republic because of their opposition towards religious faith.

Culture diffusion and cultural invasion

But national identity should be the basis. The pious cannot be corrupted. It is wrong to be afraid of change. In this sensitive region - which is oil-rich and is strategically and politically important - suddenly a government called "the Islamic Republic" emerges with its own principles and opposes the oppressive principles and aggressive policies of America. They're supporting this. Islamic culture is a valuable culture which is full of lofty values for a society and a group of people. This is a huge and extraordinary attack targeting all cultural, social and political dimensions of Islam. Don't forget that. September 1, Who is not affected by cultural ambush? January 5, What is the main reason the Islamic Republic is the target of a massive cultural invasion? The Americans established NATO—which is a powerful military organization—in Europe and they announced that they needed it to counter the former Soviet Union, but they have been using it to suppress all dissenting voices in the Middle East, Asia and other places. The cultural measures taken by the enemy make up a cultural invasion; or, we better call it a cultural ambush, a cultural pillage, or a cultural massacre. Culture is our beliefs and things that our personal and social lives are faced with. Yet, the FWC can claim to be one of Ireland's best festivals. Indeed these sources include belief, hope and inspiration of the Iranian nation.

We cannot build a wall to protect the country against such phenomena. They are trying to separate youth — today's young generation which has witnessed neither the Revolution and Imam nor the Sacred Defense Era — from the Revolution.

On many levels, I think that's where the council is coming from as well; they have a new purpose, a new vision which is about social development.

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September 1, Who is not affected by cultural ambush? Unfortunately, this long and tragic story goes back a long way in our country as well as in many other Islamic countries.

Cultural invasion

That is to say, the developments in Asian, African and Latin American countries have fallen into the trap of the machinations designed by international gangs of power, by the Zionists and international capitalists.

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Cultural invasion