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Display of the Dissertation. Once the committee members have agreed, the dissertation committee chair will communicate approval of the dissertation to the Director of Graduate Studies.

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Students should confer with their advisers in order to determine the extent to which their own essays need address prior critical approaches. The dissertation must be comparatively oriented in the sense of involving at least two national languages and literatures, even if a single author is the subject. Under exceptional circumstances of unique scholarly expertise, however, the committee may be co-chaired by faculty unaffiliated with Comparative Literature, with the corresponding co-Chair belonging to Comparative Literature, upon approval by the Director of Graduate Studies. The Prospectus Defense should be taken by the end of the seventh semester of study first semester of the fourth program year. As mentioned above, juniors beginning the second independent project and seniors embarking on the thesis have special sessions on research techniques with Senior Reference Librarian Mary George and Literature Bibliographer John Logan. Students apply for teaching through the Departmental Graduate Administrator, who also regularly receives requests for graduate student teachers from related departments. No late submission is eligible for the Senior Thesis Prize. All Comparative Literature independent work must be written in English. It reflects a very good treatment of the chosen topic, and a good use of critical and analytical skills for carrying out literary and cultural analysis. The Director of Undergraduate Studies should be contacted if the student experiences problems in getting timely feedback, or if the project has changed so much that the original adviser is no longer the appropriate mentor. While the narrow focus and close textual analysis of the first junior paper normally require an adviser who works in the same language s , the increasing breadth and the more theoretical nature of the second junior paper and above all of the senior thesis often require an adviser with related literary concerns. Alternatively, you can list your interests when you complete the online form, and the Director of Undergraduate Studies will select the most appropriate adviser. Once it has been approved by the advisory committee, the list will be reviewed by the Director of Graduate Studies for final approval.

To be given the grade of D, independent work must be characterized by a lack of critical and analytical skills, and by a very poor treatment of the chosen subject. This step normally takes place immediately after the successful completion of the final public oral examination, but in all cases it must occur within two weeks of the successful defense.

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Seniors: No later than p. Credit for Graduate Courses Taken Elsewhere. Students may either approach individual faculty members directly, or ask for suggestions about advising from the Director of Graduate Studies. This discussion usually lasts an additional hour. Such evolution cannot take place, however, without writing: notes, highlighted passages, and other isolated fragments, however copious, will not lead to a refined and persuasive argument unless they are converted to critical prose. The actual date of the Examination must be agreed with the committee, DGS, and Graduate Administrator no less than one month in advance. Finally, Mr. The Graduate School allows students a maximum of five years following the successful completion of their General Exams to complete and submit their dissertations. Brief works, such as lyric poems or critical essays written by a single author, should be grouped together in numbers relative to their density and interest e. Once the committee members have agreed, the dissertation committee chair will communicate approval of the dissertation to the Director of Graduate Studies. Are majors expected to have read all the books on the reading selection list? Strayer Senior Thesis Prize. Students are advised to consult the Graduate Administrator for samples of past reading lists and examination questions; these are on file in the departmental office.

Native speakers of the Principal Foreign Language are exempt from the exam in that language. Principal Foreign Language.

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This thesis should serve as the point of departure for the first section of the Prospectus the summary of its overall problem and approach. Reviews for re-enrollment are required of the department by the Graduate School. At least one of the Readers must be appointed in the Department of Comparative Literature.

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