Chapter 16 working capital management test

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Interest earned. Target cash balance.

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Cash conversion cycle: Answers and Solutions: Harcourt, Inc. The required repayment comes quicker, and the company may have trouble rolling over loans.

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Interest paid: Add line in the payments section. Answers and Solutions: 6 b. Moreā€¦ 25 28 Credit Standards: Tighter standards reduce bad debt losses, but may reduce sales. Proceeds from stock and bond sales. Net working capital: Basic Definitions Gross working capital: Total current assets. The cash budget should be set up to show the cash positions of the firm on the 5th of each month. The exact Harcourt, Inc. Collections would be reduced by the amount of bad debt losses.

Working capital policy: The level of each current asset. No, this assumption would probably not be valid in a real world situation. Accruals are free in that no explicit interest is charged. Firms have little control over the level of accruals.

working capital mcqs with answers

Attempting to attach numerical values to these potential losses and probabilities would be extremely difficult a.

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Chapter 16 Working Capital