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Answer each question fully. When the trio stupidly overload the sled because they want to take all the creature comforts they have been used to, the dogs are unable to move it.

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Western civilization, in this view, depends on one group, the strong, exploiting another group, the weak. One example is at the very beginning where it says strong, heavy dogs were wanted in the Yukon. Buck responds finally to the call because Thornton, his last tie to humanity, was killed. Likewise, he learns some survival strategies by observation, such as when he discovers that Billee has dug a hole in the snow for warmth. Consider the qualities that Buck needed to become this leader. London's story is historically accurate in this respect. Buck became lead dog, and qualities necessary for that came up. It was as though it had always been, the wonted way of things. He is not aware of it, but he is living out only the persona side of his psyche. Answer each question fully - there may be more than one part to each question. After Thornton beats Hal in a fight, he takes his knife and "with two strokes cut Buck's traces. Finally, he had to make contact with the wolf pack and establish mastery over them, which he first did by killing one of the wolves, injuring others and then fighting off the entire pack until they acknowledged his status. But as a pet, Buck had considerable status on Judge Miller's ranch.

When they make a complete mess of things, and the dogs starve, they are so busy quarreling amongst themselves and complaining about their own misery, that they are callous to the sufferings of the dogs.

Although he develops as much independence as he can, his welfare depends entirely on the whims of his human masters.

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Even though Buck was a leader and a fighter, he was afraid. Answer each question fully - there may be more than one part to each question. London was a socialist who opposed private ownership of land and property. But when he is kidnapped, he enters a new realm of the psyche, the shadow.

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