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There are two very real and practical reasons why you need to plan an exit: Outside investors want to collect their return. FAQs Planning your succession is key in obtaining maximum value from the business and to secure its long-term future.

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In an acquisition, the owner negotiates the price—a good thing because public markets value a business relative to its industry, which limits the value of a business. Growth oriented Startups might enjoy a stronger net profit margin so the factor to use in multiplying Sales range from 15 to 10 or maybe a bit lower lower being better in this instance. Cons Only a very few number of small businesses actually have this option available to them because there are so few IPOs in the United States each year. The more prepared your business is for sale, generally, the faster it will sell. The owner loses control of the firm, but it continues to operate. Early planning will ensure that you have the right structures and processes in place to maximise success when conditions are right. Our guide to creating and protecting value. Appoint advisers who know how the game works and can coach you through negotiations. Family succession is the transference of leadership from one generation to the next to ensure continuity of family ownership in the business. If your startup was less than a success, you'll definitely want to erase it from memory. This will give you more time to work on the sale and prevents the business from being damaged due to a lack of attention. They also provide the new owner with continuity after the sale, which should enable you to exit more quickly, and could even become a potential purchaser via a management buy-out with venture capital funding. Phil Mitchell You will have a timeline in mind for a sale, but timing is generally dictated by market conditions. There are several options for selling a business: acquisition, friendly buyout, selling to the employees, and selling in the open market. This could be priced at a slightly discounted rate.

The executives bought jars of each flavor, took them back to their company, and talked to the people who would decide about adding products to their line. Exit strategies include acquisition, merger, IPO, or shutting down operations. Money Back Share Buy Backs In general VCs are not in favour of planning a scenario where their stake is bought back by the original team at a point into the future but it does happen in reality — this is effectively like setting up a loan arrangement and would not provide the return required.

Again it depends by industry. Selling ownership through a strategic acquisition, for example, can offer the greatest amount of liquidity in the shortest time frame, depending on how the acquisition is structured.

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Sometimes, even five years is not long enough. These FAQS answer the most common questions.

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