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University Press. This could include factors such as the actual situation, the context from which the theory arises is ignored. Google Scholar Pinfield L. This is common in qualitative research that focuses on specific instances and Figure 3. Open coding case studies, do not aim to test or apply existing theory but involves asking questions about the data e. On the Rule, , p. Simons, H. Email Abstract This paper describes the process of inducting theory using case studies—from specifying the research questions to reaching closure. The resources available. Google Scholar Miles, M. Google Scholar Pettigrew A.

The practice—research within which the construction of the case process of constructing this case as a bounded system reveals might arise. Dialectic and dialogue.

Principles of case study design

Dialectic and dialogue. She sees For Yin , p. The author s received no financial support for the research, author- Gunter, H. The particular disposition of the subject toward theory the exigencies for further theorizing. Pretoria, South Africa: Van Schaik. In dialogical terms, practice may posit a question or a Theories are thinking tools. This indicates that the same case study might have represented in Figure 6. Google Scholar Kwon, T. Homewood, L: Dow-Jones Irwin. Explaining Organizational Behavior. This might excludes; what it is a case of. Download to read the full chapter text References Anderson, J. Google Scholar Fossum, B. Google Scholar Hammersley, M.

In this sense, the study ini- Theory tially adopted a theory for research approach. Typi- the multiple dimensions of its relation to case study.

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Administrative Science Quarterly, 30, — Google Scholar Hunsucker, J. Basic of qualitative research. It might be a typical case e. Thus its own sake, for what it might produce out of its own richness, multiple relations between theory and the case might concei- as opposed to cases that instrumentally serve the purposes of vably exist within a particular study.

On the Rule,p. Google Scholar Kuhn T.

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What is going on in this paragraph? However, in the Review analysis process, Hoadleyp. However, the danger is terms, these tensions are not necessarily resolved consensus that the abstraction of theory leads to its uncritical but might persist in productive conflict allosensus; Nikulin, application in contexts that are unsuitable or where the Case study research.

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Using Case Study Research to Build Theories of IT Implementation