Biotechnolgy in improving nutritional qualities of

Google Scholar 5. Animal Product Options in the Marketplace. As a result, rural poverty and malnutrition may increase. At the experimental stage, a large number of drugs, diagnostic probes, vaccines and so on are frequently applied in livestock production prior to becoming available for use by humans.

application of biotechnology in food industry ppt

Chem Eng News, November 1 : 11— Nuclear transfer in the production of transgenic farm animals. The development and application of biotechnology offers opportunities and novel possibilities to enhance the nutritional quality of crops, particularly when the necessary genetic variability is not available.

When individual plants show more uniform characteristics, grow at the same speed and ripen at the same time, harvesting will be less laborious. However, this latter objective is not a high priority for researchers in most developing countries. Nat Biotechnol ; — This cycle ultimately leads to a more consistent food supply which helps to stimulate local economies.

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Fact Sheet: Benefits of Food Biotechnology