Autism case studies inclusive education

The interview, previously scheduled without disturbing her activities, lasted for one hour and enabled analysis of the activities developed by the teacher in relation to teaching a student with ASD in her classroom.

Autism case studies inclusive education

Because it's The author states that students with disabilities should be put in the place of apprentices as well as students without disabilities so that their development can occur. In that sense of adapting?

We chose to delineate a case study aimed at studying a contemporary phenomenon Yin, With regard to Before the interview and presentation of the materials, the teacher signed the Free and Informed Consent Form and the Authorization Form necessary for the investigation.

Such strategies provided a basis for the student, since he knew exactly what the teacher expected from him with that activity.

case study of a child with autism spectrum disorder

One of such pilot schools is the Effiduase Methodist Primary School. From the moment the teacher became better acquainted with Paulo, with his specificities and abilities, she began to think about and prepare a class whereby the content was meaningful and reached his path of access.

Because, as we adapt, we end up taking phrases, eliminating things [ From the other students, other knowledge was required according to the development of each one.

example of a case study on a child with autism
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Autism in an Inclusive Class: A case study of how teachers manage to include pupils with autism