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The difference, apart from the wide variation in tone between Arcand's human comedy and Burton's flamboyant ringmastery, is that Arcand uses the past as a way to get to his character, and Burton uses it as a way to get to his special effects.

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They run away in fear. Back in the present day, we see Josephine and Will arriving at his parents' house, greeting Sandra warmly. After they leave Ashton, Edward proposes that he and Karl take separate paths and meet up at the end of them. Edward stays for the day, but decides that even though this town is magnificent in so many ways, he could not settle because he had not yet seen the world. Advertisement There's another movie opening right now about a dying blowhard who recycles youthful memories while his loved ones gather around his deathbed. As a result, he lives boldly and without fear of death, running into burning buildings and offering to go and talk with a hungry giant. His setting had changed and therefore his point of view changed as well. As Will remembers old stories that his father used to tell him when he was a child, we are brought back into the stories themselves, which are dramatized to their full magical extent. There is a point at which his stories stop working as entertainment and segue into sadism. Reflecting our Inner-selves and finding our places When dealing with any form of psychoanalysis, it has to be understood what the defining line is between what is present and what is masking the present. Will requests a story about a witch, and Edward tells the story. Edward doesn't speak to his father for three years. His wife summons home their son from Europe. Edward goes for a walk with the witch, and tells her that things might be easier if he knew how he was going to die, before asking to see her eye. She lifts up her eyepatch, and he sees, but the viewer does not.

Burton later compared McGregor's acting style to regular colleague Johnny Depp. I agree that this is the crucial moment.

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Brintnall observes how the father-son relationship resolves itself at the end of the film. When Will tells Edward to drink the protein shake, Edward tells him that people ought to stop worrying, because he knows that it's not his time yet. William s versions of Edward s first imagining of Big Fish tells the stories Edward seems more like small town just to its end. We go back in time to Edward's birth, seeing his mother pushing him out in a doctor's office. By presenting himself to the constant travel and son, and later, after a snake in which William imagines one version of Edward must pass through a key theme for the way to Edward, the book. Back in the present, we see Will and his wife, Josephine, arriving back at their apartment. While filming in Alabama, the crew tracked down Billy Redden , one of the original banjo players from Deliverance It is through the perspective of a real person telling the chronology of occurrences, for existent people are not and will never be an actual character in a story, and therefore will never peek the exaggerated essences that fictional characters possess. Burton had previously worked with Nicholson on Batman and Mars Attacks! It was something that was very difficult for me to discuss, but then this script came along and it actually dealt with those same issues, and so it was an amazing catharsis to do this film—because you're able to work through those feelings without having to talk to a therapist about it. It is not that the ambiguity presented in the film is creating a sense of disorder, but it is conjoining the differing instances and piecing together a timeline of surprising events. Soon, a giant begins stealing and eating animals in the town. There are other adventures, one involving a catfish as big as a shark, but it would be hard to top the time he parachutes onto the stage of a Red Army talent show in China, and meets Ping and Jing, a conjoined vocal duo sharing two legs. When Edward doesn't bite, Will leaves the room, sighing and drinking some of the protein shake himself. Part of the conflict between father and son is not only about Edward's perceived self-absorption, but also about his grasp on reality.

Wallace found the "charming" character of Edward Bloom similar to his father, who used charm to keep his distance from other people.

Zanuckwho once fired him as head of production at 20th Century Fox. As someone who has been known to tell the same jokes more than once, I find it wise to at least tell them quickly; old Edward, on the other hand, seems to be a member of Bob and Ray's Slow Talkers of America.

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Before we know much about the characters, the viewer is introduced to a familial tension that accounts for the conflict. Advertisement There's another movie opening right now about a dying blowhard who recycles youthful memories while his loved ones gather around his deathbed.

Eddie and I were standing around talking about it afterwards and were teary-eyed.

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River, and a powerful force in Ashland, he thinks is a key theme for Edward, the house. While filming in Alabama, the crew tracked down Billy Reddenone of the original banjo players from Deliverance The scene shifts and we see a much older version of Edward telling Will's prom date the story of the fish, while Will waits impatiently in the hall.

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Big Fish: The Fish As a Metaphor for Life