An introduction to the life of galileo

Upon being threatened with torture, he recants his teachings.

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At age 25, he was appointed to the Chair of Mathematics at Pisa. Galileo published his findings inwith a preface asserting his priority of discovery. Thought distortion goes on, the individual continues to affirm the real nature of the viciously distorted truth.

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So if the object is denser than water, its weight is greater than the buoyancy force and it sinks. I took the quote from Reston quoting J. The two hold striking similarities. He warns Galileo that his discoveries could create social unrest and chaos, but Galileo believes that science will open the eyes of all people. II Galileo shows the public his new invention—the telescope—which he learned about from the Dutch. Kepler correctly believed that the Moon's gravity caused the tides. While waiting for the decision from Clavius, the monks discuss the terrible consequences of accepting the Copernican system. Galileo says that the Earth is just like the moon: both rely on light from the sun. Galileo and Sagredo observe the moons of Jupiter and confirm the hypothesis of Copernicus. The Inquisition had extensive power in the Church and could bring people to trial and punish them at will. Galileo was searching for some real proof that the earth was moving.

The lectures went over very well, and he got the job. According to Drake page 63 : "A principal area of contention between Catholics and Protestants was freedom to interpret the Bible, which meant that any new Catholic interpretation could be used by the Protestants as leverage: if one reinterpretation could be made, why not wholesale reinterpretations?

Brecht avoided being drafted into WWI by registering as a medical student at Munich University, where he first began working in theater.

An introduction to the life of galileo

The rise of fascism alluded to above specifically refers to the ascension of Hitler to the chancellorship of Germany just prior to World War II as well as the coming to power of fascist leaders in Italy and Japan. Since , Galileo had been observing the motion of sunspots: small dark spots on the surface of the sun, easily visible through a telescope at sunset. But since Galileo recanted, his recantation delayed the birth of scientific enlightenment. Galileo, old and broken, now living under house arrest with a priest monitoring his activities, is visited by one of his former pupils, Andrea. His new scientific findings challenged the then Church authority and their beliefs. He thought he found it in the tides. To prevent the further dissemination of scientific enlightenment, the Inquisition put Galileo in a narrow cage of confinement.

I am certainly no expert in this complex field of study, and just present a collection of facts below to try to give the flavor of Galileo's life and times. He agreed to tone down the Dialogue, pleading that he had been carried away by his own arguments.

As usual, Galileo spared no-one in the book. While visiting with his old teacher, from whom he has become estranged, Galileo gives Andrea his Discorsi and sends him on his way to Holland. Quoted in Drake, page

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Galileo by Bertolt Brecht: Introduction