Agar mai school ka principal hota essay in urdu

Those students who are unable to go out to villages can do social work in the localities in which they live by setting up adult education centres. Participation in games will be made compulsory for all students; sound mind resides in a healthy body.

what would you do if you become principal of your school

I would also permit students to carry mobile phones to school as they have become a part of our lives now. It would be compulsory for students to carry laptops to school. He is highly educated.

if i were the principal of my school speech

And at the end of the day, I would resign from my chair with an aspiration to bring these modifications forever. I would do my best to lead my school towards honour. Students will make aware of their great cultural heritage. I would then reduce the number of periods from 8 to 5 in order to enhance the quality of learning by offering more time per period.

It becomes impossible to save the books and stationary from being spoiled by rain.

if i were the principal of my school for a day
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Students speak: What will you do if you become principal for a day