Accounting information system 12 ed romney steinbart ch 1 test bank

His employees can be found on many of the major intersections selling his products out of the backs of pickup trucks. B company policies were followed.

accounting information systems romney 14th edition pdf

Objective: Learning Objective 6 21 22 12 How can an AIS become part of the firm's value chain and add value to the business? C An AIS reduces uncertainty, and therefore accounting information can provide a basis for choosing among alternative courses of action.

Accounting information systems 14th edition chapter 3 solutions

His employees can be found on many of the major intersections selling his products out of the backs of pickup trucks. D contains summary-level data for every account of the organization. A A master file is conceptually similar to a ledger in a manual AIS. Is there some way to print out a pick list? Source documents define what data to collect about an activity, group logically related data close together, provide instructions on how to complete the document, include fields for approvals, and use preprinted standard data. If information is free from error or bias and accurately represents the events or activities of the organization, it is representative of the characteristic of A relevancy. A because business strategy directly influences AIS, but not information technology B because most organizations have limited resources C because a firm never wants to waste time addressing issues that are not urgent D because it is expensive to improve accounting information systems Objective: Learning Objective 7 23 24 6 An AIS that makes information more easily accessible and more widely available is likely to increase pressure for A centralization and defined procedures. The coding system should be as simple as possible.

Answer: C Objective: Learning Objective 4 7 The transaction cycle approach yields efficiencies when processing of a large number of transactions because A a large number of transactions within a given cycle can be categorized into a relatively small number of distinct types.

B its relevance to decision makers. Hunter Jackson is the town sanitation engineer.

accounting information systems 14th edition test bank

A The AIS must be able to provide managers with detailed and operational information about the organization's performance. Organize the flowchart using columns when several entities are involved in the process.

Which of the following functions in the value chain is Friday performing? D transactions. Objective: Learning Objective 4 6 The transaction cycle that includes the events of hiring employees and paying them is known as the A revenue cycle.

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An especially important control consideration for source data automation is a way to indicate authorization of the activity. A relevant B reliable C complete D timely E understandable F verifiable G accessible Answer: F 4 5 12 In , Singh Manufacturing implemented a Web-based information system that allows all employees to access mission-critical information. In Antia's database, the data about each Japanese fan represents a n A entity. B reliable. Preparation of the newsletter requires study and analysis of weather conditions, economic activity, and travel costs. Each month Pacific Power mails bills to 86, households and then processes payments as they are received. C human resources cycle. D mnemonic codes.
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