A comparison of the medieval and

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Over the years, the architecture evolved into a gothic style that seemed to copy Islamic buildings. Some of the plants that were grown included the pomegranate tree which was a religious symbol to the Christians here.

difference between medieval and renaissance

Monophonic in texture, free verse in rhythm, meditative and spiritual, and conjunct movement. Some of the fruit plants grown are cherries, apples, and mangoes. At this point, the principal focus of landscape architecture was physical and spiritual comfort.

Reformation brought about turmoil during the Renaissance s opposed to the monastic life of the medieval period.

The renaissance began after the wars and plagues when people wanted to celebrate life and the human spirit. Some of the plants and herbs that are grown in these gardens include mint leaves, bay leaves, fennel, oregano, bamboo, and ferns.

Compare and contrast the renaissance and medieval periods

It was known as "the dark ages" when society declined, taking place between the sass to the asses. Religious woman, composed sacred music, brought mood to religious music. Some literature of the period includes Beowulf and tales of Robin Hood. The main complaints made against the church were corruption and hypocrisy within the clergy. The plants are usually arranged in aesthetically appealing shapes depending on the shape and size of the garden. During the Norman period, the designers copied the architecture of the Roman Empire. The human body is not too detailed but the actions they are doing or intend to do are very clear. Colourful flowers are also used to decorate the garden space. The painter created visual space in this painting in a

Renaissance artists are remembered because they brought about the changes that led to the art of today.

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Compare and Contrast Medieval Ages and Renaissance Essay